Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring means New Beginnings!

Well, hi!  Decided to start a blog to showcase and discuss my chaotic life.  Let me introduce myself, my name is Julie, I'm a Midwest mother of 2, wife to an amazing hubby to insists I stay home.  Love that!  Crafter, baker, cook, gardener, shopper, blog reader, etc.  That's me in a nutshell!  A few more things you should know right away as I venture into blogland:
  •  I procrastinate so posts may not happen as often as I'd like or even as up to date as they could.
  • I take horrible photos.  I have a point and shoot, nothing fancy, no fancy lighting and I may or may not try to fix photos so if there is a picture, it's really the best I can do.
  • Crafting wise, I knit, a lot.  That's my main craft although I also spin yarn and dabble in sewing.  I'd like to improve on my sewing skills so hopefully there will be a lot of sewing content in the future.  Pretty much have aced pajama pants and I need some lightweight pjs and have a great vintage thrifted sheet lying around so that may come soon.
  • I'm a sahm to 2 amazing boys.  They are both in school now so crafting time should happen more often, alas, I still feel guilty spending my day crafting, I feel like I should do something.  My goal is once the kids are out the door, workout, clean something and then the day is mine until school is out.  Speaking of the boys, this blog is about what I make, maybe about what they make, they may model but primarily, they will be kept private.
  • I love to cook and bake.  I enjoy trying new recipes and am thrilled with the information on fellow blogs.  Many times when I make my grocery list, I find recipes on blogs or websites, it's there, why not use it.
So that's me in a nutshell.  Great cookie post coming next but wanted to make an introduction first.  As mentioned above, I do find recipes on blogs, I also find crafty inspiration on blogs and do intend to link like crazy.  I hope you enjoy my adventures as much as I do! 

Thanks for stopping by.