Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Adventures in Felting

So last Spring I joined a Mystery Bag Knit Along (KAL) on Ravelry and only last week I finally finished the bag.  It started off well, I finished the first few clues in a timely manner but then life and other projects had a way of sneaking in.  In the back of my mind though, I recalled my mom commenting on the colorwork of said project and how she liked it.  Well, I finally pulled out the project and finished it just in time to gift it to my mom yesterday for her 64 birthday. 

Basking in the sun.  Project on Rav here.

This bag was unlike other felted projects I've made.  This bag is knit with 2 strands of chunky yarn held together throughout and then lightly felted.  Man alive, did I have a time felting this puppy!  Here's a pic pre-felted.
  2 cycles through the Wonder Washer:
 2 cycles through the front loader with a few pairs of old jeans for extra agitation, another cycle in the Wonder Washer and finally, stretched out over a garbage can to dry.
The final project turned out ok.  I would have liked some areas to felt a little more and the strands of the colorwork area are not as I had hoped on the interior but a nice lining will help.  Luckily there are 2 pockets on the sides as prior to gifting to my mom last night, 6 year old son gifted her sixteen cents and she had nowhere to put it!  Happy Birthday, Mom!  I hope you enjoy your bag and the sixteen cents! 

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