Monday, October 18, 2010

A Week of Sweaters - Day 1

I finally raised the white flag and asked for help.  Help in photographing finished sweaters knit by me, that is.  To my shock and surprise, when I opened the cedar chest and started to pull out sweaters that had not been properly displayed to the world, there were 7!  S-E-V-E-N Sweaters!  I hadn't realized I'd knit that many for myself!  Geesh.  Lucky for me, my favorite (read - only) brother recently acquired a fancy new camera and happened to be in town yesterday and the weather was cooperative so the stars aligned and a photo shoot in the backyard took place.  Now instead of laying all the sweaters out here at once and then not posting for several months again (I'm only half kidding), I decided I'll have a week of sweaters as there are enough for each day.  So, without further ado, starting with the oldest first, here is.............

The February Lady Sweater (Pattern found here!)

This sweater has been knit by the masses so just a few pictures were taken.  Deets on Ravelry or below.

Pattern: February Lady Sweater by Pamela Wynne
Yarn: Dream in Color Classy in color Vino Veritas 4 skeins 1000 yards.  Yarn was gifted to me by my friend Shana for my birthday.
Needles: US 8
Started: November 1, 2008
Finished: January 6, 2009
Mods: Followed increases as others have by doing a M1 instead of the eyelet increases.  Otherwise, followed the pattern to a t.

Final thoughts - This sweater has gotten some wear since it's been completed.  The buttons were purchased from Buttons Galore on Etsy.  The yarn was fabulous to work with, so happy that there was no pooling, would use it again.  One word of caution in knitting this sweater, it stretches, a lot!  Be sure the stretch the length when knitting so as to not end up with a very lengthy sweater.

Thanks to my brother for the photography.  Now to see which sweater is next oldest for tomorrow.

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